Get The Alto Collection and Remnant: From The Ashes free this week



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Happy Thursday! This week, the Epic Games Store is giving away both The Alto Collection and Remnant: From The Ashes for completely free.

If you’re new to these kinds of articles, you’ll find a basic rundown on how the free games work and how to claim below. If you’re a regular, welcome back! It’s almost the weekend!

Claiming free games on the Epic Games Store requires you to have 2FA enabled on your Epic Games Account. You can then claim your game(s) through either your browser or through the official Epic Games Launcher. It’s free to sign up for an account and the launcher is also completely free to download. No payment information is required to claim your free games, either.

You’ll need the Epic Launcher to play your free game (and any others acquired through the Epic Games Store) but there’s no rush. Once you’ve claimed your game, it’ll simply wait in your library for you to download whenever you feel like it.

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Join Alto and friends as they set out on the adventure of a lifetime.

Race down alpine slopes, over windswept dunes, through ancient woodlands and the long forgotten ruins of both critically acclaimed titles: Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey.

Along the way you’ll pull off daring backflips, grind over rooftops and leap over vast chasms as you journey to discover what mysteries lie beyond the horizon.

You can get The Alto Collection for free on the Epic Games Store by following the link here.

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The world has been thrown into chaos by an ancient evil from another dimension. Humanity is struggling to survive, but they possess the technology to open portals to other realms and alternate realities. They must travel through these portals to uncover the mystery of where the evil came from, scavenge resources to stay alive, and fight back to carve out a foothold for mankind to rebuild…


Explore dynamically-generated worlds that change each time you play through them, creating new maps, enemy encounters, quest opportunities, and in-world events. Each of the game’s four unique worlds is filled with monstrous denizens and environments that will provide fresh challenges with each playthrough. Adapt and explore… or die trying.

You can pick up Remnant: From The Ashes for free by following the link here.

Both The Alto Collection and Remnant: From The Ashes will be free until August 20th, 2020, at 4pm BST. They’ll then go back to their usual price and instead, Enter The Gungeon and God’s Trigger will be up for grabs instead. Check back in next week to see what’s going free after then. Happy gaming!

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