Remix OS for PC now available for download

Remix OS for PC Download

Remix OS for PC is now available for download.  It is built on the Android-x86 project. With this new OS, you can access 1.6 million Android apps on your PC which were running Windows. Setup is simple and safe for your compatible PCs. Once you’ve completed the installation, you can boot up your PC using either Remix OS or whatever OS was natively installed on your machine. With Remix OS for PC, you can also install it a USB stick so that you can literally take your Remix experience wherever you go. With most computers in the world powered by x86 chipsets, you should have no trouble finding the right hardware to run Remix OS.

At the core of the Remix OS for PC is our custom engineered version of Android Lollipop – Remix OS 2.0. Our state of the art operating system is the cornerstone of what we do. With its multitude of productivity oriented features combined with over 1.6 million apps, Remix OS seamlessly merges functionality, ease of use, and beauty in amazing ways to give you an unforgettable Android experience.

For now, this OS is in alpha stage, so expect many bugs. If you want to try it, download it here from Jide.

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