Red Faction Evolution leaked on Nvidia’s website

May 29, 2019

THQ Nordic’s acquisition of Deep Silver and Volition isn’t going to be limited to simple remasters anymore, now there’s a new game on the horizon: Red Faction Evolution.

Leaked through Nvidia’s page for Nvidia Ansel compatibility, users of the Metacouncil forum noticed the game on a page of compatible titles. Alongside titles such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and Rage 2, Red Faction Evolution is listed loud and proud.

Source: PC Gamer

The Red Faction series has been dormant for a while now. Ever since 2011’s linear adventure Red Faction Armageddon, developer Volition has only revisited the series in remasters for current-gen platforms.

THQ Nordic has been pushing out releases recently. With Metro Exodus already out and about, it would appear they’re raring up to release both Red Faction Evolution and Dead Island 2.

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