Race And Battle – RC cars with rockets updated

Race And Battle is an unique 3d game with both strategy and racing qualities.

In its latest update, it features RC cars armed with rockets and mines, battling on a miniature race track.

You can play against the phone or a friend (2 players on the same device).

New to the May 14 update:

1. You can choose to battle by using rockets only, or rockets + land mines.

2. Controls have been re-developed from scratch, now supporting two different modes, including support for the accelerometer.

3. You can now select the AI level.

4. The camera now keeps an upright view of the scene by compensating for phone tilting.

5. The trial now lets you use all weapons, and it only expires after you have completed a full race.

Race and Battle is available at the Marketplace for 1.29 USD

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