Qualcomm will have a Snapdragon 1000 for high-end Windows on ARM PCs

June 8, 2018
Windows 10 ARM

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Windows on ARM PCs have mostly been limited to the lower end and mid-range PCs in terms of power, but all that might be about to change.

According to WInFuture, Qualcomm is working on an upcoming Snapdragon 1000, an SOC that is in the works in order to counter Intel’s encroachment on the Windows on ARM market.

The SoC will have an unknown number of cores but will offer far more power than current ARM devices, as such, it’ll have a higher TDP of up to 12 watts. In comparison, the Snapdragon 850 has a max TDP of 6.5 watts, which is nearly half of the 1000’s  WinFuture notes that Qualcomm’s TDP is nearly at the range of Intel Core U series processors which are used in devices like the Surface Pro, but on the lower end. Their TDP’s are in the 15-watt range.

It’s not entirely clear when we’ll see the first fruits of this work though reports indicate that SUS may be bringing one such device to market. It’s currently codenamed as the Asus Primus but will likely bear a different name on release and it’ll be based on a Qualcomm reference design.

The official release of the SOC is expected in late 2018, likely during or after the IFA trade show in Berlin. Asus plans to launch its PC after that.

Source: WinFuture

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