Qualcomm to produce a Snapdragon 850 processor just for Windows 10 on ARM

by Surur
May 30, 2018
Qualcomm Snapdragon

Windows 10 on ARM presents an opportunity for Qualcomm to not just rule the mobile processor space but also supplant Intel on the desktop also.

That means the company is pretty committed, leading, according to the latest report by Winfuture.de, the company to producing a Snapdragon processor just for Windows 10 on ARM.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 is, in fact, a variant of the Snapdragon 845, but running at a higher clock speed of just under 3 Ghz, and designed for easier heat dissipation available in a laptop form factor.

Despite the mixed reception of the first generation of Windows 10 on ARM laptops, Winfuture reports that a slew of PC OEMs will be jumping in for the second generation, including for the first time Dell.

Codenames for these devices include the Lenovo ELZE1 or Europe, the HP Chimera 2 and the Asus Thanos, produced by OEMs Quanta and Compal.

Winfuture also notes that these devices may hit the market sooner than expected – as early as the summer, though it is not clear if this schedule is still in place.

It remains to be seen if Windows 10 on ARM will gain traction, but if it does not it will certainly not be due to lack of effort.

Via Winfuture.de

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