Qualcomm teases a dual-screen Snapdragon 8cx-powered Windows 10 PC

It seems dual-screened PCs and Phones are becoming inevitable, as companies from all over the tech spectrum appear intent on delivering such devices to us whether we want them or not.

The latest to tease a double-screened tablet is Qualcomm, at their announcement of the Snapdragon 8cx processor.

Noticed by Geeklatest, the Windows 10-powered device can be spotted in the screenshot above and the short gif below.

Clearly running Windows 10 in tablet mode, the video does not reveal any new version of the operating system. Presumably, if such a device were eventually be delivered it would run a version of Microsoft’s Windows Core OS with an appropriate shell on top.

With Intel, Qualcomm, Lenovo, Samsung, Huawei and more all looking to release dual-screened laptops and phones, are our readers ready to open their wallets? Let us know below.

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