Qualcomm is working on a more powerful Snapdragon processor for PCs

by Surur
June 25, 2020

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Due to Microsoft’s efforts, Qualcomm has ben powering laptops for some years now, but the performance gap between ARM and Intel processors have always meant those laptops have been treated as second class citizens.

Qualcomm has however always been eager to expand their share of the PC market, and have worked closely with Microsoft to create special processors designed for the greater power and cooling capacity available in the laptop form factor.

Winfuture reports that the company is working on a new Snapdragon processor which is faster than the current Snapdragon 8180X. Revealed by importation documentation, the SC8180XP is excepted to be an 8180X Plus processor with faster clock speeds for the 4 main processor cores.

According to the documentation, 4 cores of the 8 core processor will run at 3.15 Ghz, up from 2.84 Ghz. The 4 “little” cores will continue to run at 1.8 Ghz, while the Adreno 680 GPU will hoover along at 718 megahertz.

The documentation dates from February 2020, so the updated processors should be reaching devices around now.

With Qualcomm finally breaching 3 Ghz and Apple being very clear about their move away from Intel, it looks like the days for Santa Clara company may be numbered.

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