Qualcomm and Texas Instruments talk about Windows 8 on ARM


18, 2011

Author Surur // in News

imageQualcomm and Texas Instruments have commented on one of the biggest developments on Windows 8, the OS running on ARM processors.

Eager to show Windows 8 on ARM will provide a full desktop browsing experience, Qualcomm ironically concentrated on showing Flash while browsing, something which Microsoft is in fact deprecating in favour of HTML5.

Texas Instruments on the other hand underplayed the need for super-powerful chips, saying most software do not take advantage of quad-cores at present, but that they will have chips ready for when Windows 8 does hit the market at the end of next year.

They did however see ARM as extending from more than tablets to also thin and light laptops, which if successful could spell start of the decline of Intel.

Nvidia of course have already said they see Windows 8 as a major new revenue stream and opportunity for them, and see their only major competition in the space from Qualcomm. Windows 8 running on their Quad-core Kal-El processor can be seen here.

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