Q2 Windows Mobile sales fall 5% on intense competition, lack of compelling consumer features

by Surur
August 12, 2009

wmunderthreat Gartner has released its Q2 2009 smartphone sales numbers, and the news is not good for Windows Mobile fans.  While the smartphone market grew 27% sales of Microsoft’s mobile OS dropped by 5% from 3.87 million to 3.68 million.

While Q2 was a quiet period in terms of Windows Mobile product launched, with exciting product launches like the HTC Touch Pro 2 and the Samsung Omnia 2 only coming in Q3 2009, but there is no doubt the biggest effect is competition from devices with compelling consumer features such as capacitive screens, smooth user interfaces and features such as music and video stores.

With Windows Mobile 6.5 set to launch late in Q3 2009, and not bringing many particular consumer-centric features like easy media access or a compelling media playback interface, Windows Mobile will continue to face an uphill battle until the launch of Windows Mobile 7, which should address most of these issues.

Read the full Gartner report here.

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