Rejoice PUBG console players, more frames are coming for you. After years of 30fps playback, a PUBG 60fps mode will be playable soon.

Coming to PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, the PUBG 60fps mode will lower the game’s resolution down to 1080p on the mid-gen machines in order to hit the doubled framerate that players crave.

This update is included in the just released PUBG Season 9 update for those who are in the PTS branch of the battle royale game. It’ll roll out for normal players soon. This update also brings the game’s new Paramo map as well. Fun times.

PUBG Corp has said that a 60fps mode is being investigated for base Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but considering the compromises needed to get the game running at that performance target on the enhanced consoles, don’t hold your breath.

A PUBG 60fps mode is a far cry from the game’s original lanch version. When the title first came to Xbox One consoles under timed exclusivity, the game was a shocking example of Early Access gone bad.

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