PS5 Spider-Man Remastered gameplay and trailer released

September 30, 2020
Spider-Man Remastered

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Sony has released two videos: one of Spider-Man Remastered gameplay and the other a trailer that’s really just a random cutscene from the game.

Firstly, the PlayStation 5 version of the PS4 Spider-Man game shows a new look for Peter Parker in its called-a-trailer–but-it’s-really-a-normal-cutscene video. The unmasked webhead looks completely different, younger even.

Check out a comparison below:

Here’s the “trailer”:

YouTube player

Next up is the Spider-Man Remastered gameplay video, a short clip of the upcoming remaster’s 60fps performance mode. It certainly looks smooth; while visual improvements will mostly be apparent through side-by-side comparisons, it certainly looks like the web-slinger’s suit has been improved for gameplay sections.

However, once those two games are slapped next to each other, you’ll likely want to keep looking at the next-gen version.

Check out the gameplay below:

YouTube player

The upcoming remaster will benefit from overhauled environments, models & materials, ray-traced reflections and ambient shadows as well as all-new skyboxes and weather options.

The upcoming Spider-Man remaster will not allow players to transfer their saves from the PlayStation 4 version to the upcoming PS5 remaster, much like some other games. The game is also only available through buying the Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition bundle.

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