The PS5 SoC — its brain – has reportedly entered the final stages of production in order to reach its Holiday 2020 release date. 

According to Digitimes, via VGC, sources within the hardware’s semiconductor supply chain have revealed that the custom PS5 SoC will enter testing next week.

While the PS5 SoC will start to be delivered to downstream manufacturers after the testing period, Digitimes writes that they expect full production to take place in August.

The PlayStation 5 system-on-chip is a custom designed AMD Zen 2 CPU that can periodically boost up to a speed of 3.5ghz. However, PS5 system architect Mark Cerney has said that the power delivery will be carefully managed between CPU and GPU to allow extreme variable clock frequencies.

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PlayStation 5 was supposed to have its big next-gen game reveal this Thursday, however, in support of the current Black Lives Matter protests to fight systematic racism and police brutality across the world, the livestream has been delayed indefinitely.