PS5 doesn’t support optical audio confirms accessories creators



Sony’s next-gen PS5 console will be scrapping optical audio support, just like the Xbox Series X

While the port was a major selling point of PlayStation 4 as the optical audio standard started to get popular, the PlayStation 5 will not be supporting this form of audio output.

Sony has yet to confirm this, or even reveal what the back of the PlayStation 5 looks like in the slightest, but the news was covered through a Destructoid report on upcoming PS5 accessories by manufacturer Astro.

For the upcoming run of Astro headsets, the company revealed that there will be an optional audio splitter that will allow gamers to push the audio part of the HDMI signal into headphones, soundbars or whatever audio setup they need.

The company claims that the “passthrough device will not create any lag or affect 4K video”. Those who register their Astro headsets will also be able to get a pretty tasty $15 discount on their HDMI splitter.

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