PS4 7.50 update is causing boot loops for players

April 17, 2020
PS4 7.50 update PS4 sales

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Sony’s latest firmware install with the PS4 7.50 update is causing a few issues for PlayStation gamers.

The PS4 7.50 update is yet another firmware update that adds nothing of importance, but the update is described as improving system performance.

While many thought the PS4 7.50 update wouldn’t cause any issues, the 471MB download is causing a variety of different problems for PS4 users.

A selection of players on the PlayStation 4 subreddit have reported different issues with the biggest issue giving players an infinite boot loop.

“It’s actually crazy, i just tried to update the firmware and literally destroyed my PS4,” said Reddit user Mikeross1229. “I was thinking maybe replacing he HDD would work, but I also have no spares.”

“It forced mine into a safe mode loop where initially it requests the update file via USB (blue light on start, changes to white),” said Reddit user Portions4Many. “If cancel is selected, it powers down. After that I downloaded the update file from Sony’s site, and updated manually, [the] system cycles back to USB request menu with error CE-34788-0.”

Other PS4 users are receiving the error code SU-42118-6, an error that is related to the console’s internal Blu-Ray drive. The error is not on the fault of your actual blu-ray drive, only the update.

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