PS3 jailbreak demoed using an HTC HD2


13, 2010

Author Surur // in News

There seems to be a fashion at the moment for jailbreaking PS3’s using odd electronics, including TI-84 calculators and Palm Pre’s.

We thought we would let HTC HD2 owners know that they do not have to be left out of the party.

Raddicon has uploaded the instructions for using the HTC HD2 for the process, which includes loading a special Android partition.

The instructions are:

  1. Extract the Android folder on the root of your SD card.
  2. Run CLRCAD.exe and haret.exe in the Android folder on your HD2. Boot the build until at home screen, ensure screen remains on.
  3. Plug in the HD2 USB cable in to the Playstation 3 whilst the Playstation is turned off from mains.
  4. Turn Playstation 3 mains power on.
  5. Press the Power button on the Playstation then the Eject button as soon as the Power has been turned on.
  6. And that should be it
  7. Copy the backup-manager to an USB-stick and connect it to the PS3
  8. Install the backup-manager in the “game” menu

Full details and downloads can be found at here.

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