Project xCloud will be bundled with Xbox Game Pass upon release

May 3, 2020
Project xCloud game Pass

Microsoft’s video game streaming service, Project xCloud, will be bundled with every Xbox Game Pass subscription upon its release. 

Revealed through a post by Xbox boss Phil Spencer, the in-beta streaming service will be a vital component to Xbox Game Pass console in the future. While Project xCloud is still in its testing phase for now, the video game streaming service will eventually be included in every one of Microsoft’s 10 million Game Pass subscription later this year.

“Later this year our cloud game streaming technology, Project xCloud, will come to Game Pass—so you and your friends can stream and play the games you love together on your devices,” said Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

“I’ve always believed gaming has a unique power to bring us together, and I’m proud of how our artform is introducing this unique power to more people during a time of need. I have no doubt that we’ll come through this experience stronger than ever.”

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With Xbox Series X aiming to be the most powerful console on the market come this holiday, Microsoft’s increasing push to become a powerhouse publisher for PC gaming and the company’s fantastic library of awesome subscription services, including Xbox All Access subscription, Microsoft is currently poised to succeed heavily in the era of the next generation.

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