Microsoft has announced that their video game subscription service Xbox Game Pass has reached over 10 million unique subscribers.

Revealed during the company’s huge financial report which saw the divulging of quarterly information from before March 31st, 2020, Xbox Game Pass is a resounding success.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed there are a whopping 10 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers across both Xbox One and PC. This comes after the company’s reports of record engagement across Xbox Live platforms following the lockdown procedures due to COVID-19.

As a while, Xbox hardware sales are down amidst the pandemic, but with this generation coming to a close with the approaching arrival of the Xbox Series X, lower hardest sales are to be expected.

However, Microsoft is still reporting record engagement across their digital content. In terms of sheer revenue, Xbox content and live services are up by $33 million, not a small rise by any means.

Microsoft’s Q3 financial report is showing quite a few stunted growths due to the nature of the Coronavirus pandemic. To read about revenue and engagement for Bing or the Microsoft Surface line, click of their respective names.