Project Scorpio now allows 9 GB of GDDR5 RAM for games

E3 2017 hasn’t even started yet and it looks like Microsoft is already dropping the bombs. As we all know, PlayStation 4 Pro allows developers to use around 5 GB of RAM for games. That’s all well and good but it isn’t a substantial leap over a standard PlayStation 4. Well, Project Scorpio blows the competition out of the water. This morning, Mike Ybarra confirmed that Microsoft has been tuning the console so now it allows 9 GB of RAM for games.

This means that games will not only load faster, but they’ll also be bigger and feature higher quality textures. Expect open-world titles like Fallout 4 to experience less problems on the upcoming console. The added memory allows developers to do more with their titles, ensuring that the best versions of third-party games are on Project Scorpio. Microsoft really has created a monster!