Project Latte is Microsoft’s plan to bring Android apps to Windows

We wrote recently that Microsoft appears to be working on a plan to bring Android apps to Windows 10.

Now some more details have emerged, courtesy of the WC.

Reportedly, as part of Project Latte,  Microsoft wants to bring these apps to the Microsoft Store packaged as MSIX files.  The Android apps would run in a virtual Android subsystem, similar to Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL.) The work will be aided y WSL gaining support for GUI Linux applications and GPU support.

Unfortunately, Microsoft reportedly has not solved the biggest issue with these apps – the need for Google Play services, and if apps are dependent on Google Play Services, as most of the better ones are, developers will have to adapt their apps to make them work on Windows.

The project is apparently expected to be announced some time next year and ship with Windows 10 21H2.

Given the lack of Google Play Services, do our readers see any point in Project Latte. Let us know below.

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