Project Centennial coming to Windows Insiders with the next build

March 31, 2016

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Today at Build 2016, Microsoft quickly went over its Project Centennial bridge for Windows Developers. The bridge will allow developers to bring their Classic Windows Apps to the Windows Store and update them via the Store, too. At a Build 2016 session today, Microsoft dived deep into more details about Centennial and how developers can bring their Classic Windows Apps (e.g. Win32 apps) into the Windows Store. At the session, the company also announced that Centennial will be coming to Insiders in the upcoming Windows Insider Preview build, which is definitely good news — especially for developers.

It is isn’t yet clear if developers will be able to submit their converted apps into the Store sometime soon, but they will at least be able to test it out in the upcoming Insider build. If you are a developer, you can know more about Centennial here.

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