Project CARS GO launches today on iOS and Android


22, 2021

The new one-touch racing game Project CARS GO launches today on iOS and Android from developers GAMEVIL and Slightly Mad Studios.

After the lukewarm reception of Project CARS 3 that turned the once stellar sim series into a bland arcade racer, the tarnishing of the Project Cars name continues with Project CARS GO as it gets even simpler.

With more than 50 officially licensed real-world cars, ranging from classic hot rods to futuristic concept cars, and 12 tracks to use them on, we can charitably say that there’s at least some content in Project CARS GO.

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After the joy I had playing Forza Street a few years ago, you can rest assured I’m going to be reviewing this soon so keep your eyes peeled, as you might be able to tell already, I don’t have high hopes.

If you want to play it for yourself in the meantime, Project CARS GO’s one-touch gameplay is available on iOS and Android.

Remarkably it’s already got a 4.7 star review score on Google Play, almost entirely from excited people before its official release.

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