Project Cars 3 launches this Sumner; will help new players

June 4, 2020
Project Cars 3

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Slightly Mad Studios will be releasing another entry in their simulation racer series in the form of Project Cars 3. 

Revealed via a trailer last night, although it was originally to be kept under wraps in respect for more important current events, Project Cars 3 looks to be another drop-dead gorgeous simulation racer on current-gen hardware.

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Speaking to Eurogamer, developer Slightly Mad Studios has said that they’re taking the third entry in the series in a “new direction” compared to the extremely hardcore focused duology that come before.

While “ it’s exactly as sim-focussed as it was before” – as per the words of Project Cars 3 director of production Pete Morrish – the content that’s currently shown for the upcoming sequel certainly has an air of arcade-yness around it as cars are speeding through the streets of Shanghai and Hawaii.

However, the upcoming threequel is still focused on simulation, but it will have more tools to help guide new players into the game like no other before.

“We didn’t really have the tools to help those [less sim-focused] people with that process, to help them learn and encourage them to start turning assists off,” said Morrish.

“The structures and modes we’ve added are designed, yes, to keep the core fanbase satisfied, but also help people who are making that step into serious racing games to have a more obvious pathway, to have goals in front of them that feel attainable that they can work around and adjust to their personal taste in terms of cars and even driving style as well.”

To do this, PC3 will feature an all new campaign mode that will guide players through ten different classes of vehicles, guiding new players through their refined handling system and helping them to get more accustomed to controlling a vehicle, slowly turning off assists as they go. Sounds great!

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