Here’s what Project Astoria can’t do in Windows 10 Mobile (for now)


Last month, we revealed the official documentation for Project Astoria. Since then, we’ve tried out Project Astoria on Windows 10 Mobile and we’re quite happy with the performance of the Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile. If you’ve tried out some Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile, you probably know that some apps’ features may not work.

Now, we’ve got our hands-on an image which reveals some of the main features which Project Astoria doesn’t include just yet. Here’s the image:


So, here are the things which Project Astoria doesn’t include just yet: Lock-screen replacement, App Widgets, Live Wallpapers, Dialer Replacement, Launcher Replacement, Task Manager, Memory Manager, Ringtone Manager, Find my phone, Custom dangerous permission, and Apps that install other apps.

Our source also tells us that this is also a list of things which Microsoft is planning to add to Project Astoria by the end of year – however, we suspect the company won’t be able to deliver all the above features in time for the Windows 10 Mobile release.

It’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft manages to get some of the “complex” features working on Astoria — for example, the ability to run apps that can install other apps. That said, Project Astoria is under development, and it’s not a finished product yet — so some of the above features will probably come with the initial release of Astoria.

UPDATE: Here’s a high-resolution picture: 

astoria-wishlist-hq…and here’s the full list of supported and unsupported features (in plan for end of this year):

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