PowerToys v0.18.2 released with fixes and improvements



Microsoft has just released version v0.18.2 of their new PowerToys for Windows 10.

This is patch release to fix a few items for 0.18. This release fixes a problem when PowerToys was run elevated and a ripple effect with PowerToys Run then being elevated as well. It also fixes one of the major search result issues from the 0.18/0.18.1 release.

This release will fix the issues below:

  • #3223 – [Launcher, Tracker] doesn’t find some apps (file explorer, windows terminal,…)
  • #3180 – PowerToys run shows Notepad en Notepad++ twice
    • This is partially fixed, will be fully fixed in 0.19
  • #3599 – Does not find Evernote
  • #3532 – No camera in run
  • #3215 – When PowerToys is running as administrator, everything Run launches is also ran as administrator
  • #3646 – PowerToys Run shows no files or folders when running in admin mode

PowerToys version 0.18.brought 2 new utilities.

    • PowerToys Run, Microsoft’s new application launcher (use alt-space to activate)
    • Keyboard manager, a quick easy way to remap your keyboard

You can download the release at Github here.

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