Post-earnings Microsoft currently the world’s second most valuable company


26, 2018

Earning season is over for the world’s most valuable companies, with Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft all having already reported on their performance over the last 3 months.

It appears in the final shake-up Microsoft has come out ahead the most, having moved from 4th to second most valuable company in the world.

In pre-market trading, the company currently has a market cap of $812 billion, significantly ahead of Google ($737 billion) and now also Amazon ($799 billion).

The results are due to Microsoft’s solid performance in the last quarter, with their shares up 4%,  and Amazon missing investor expectations, resulting in their share price seeing a more than 8% hit.

Amazon recently joined Apple (current market cap $1043 billion) as the only trillion dollar publicly traded companies, but has since July seen a 20% hit in their share price. Analysts are now touting Microsoft as the next potential entrant to the trillion dollar club.

Read more about the market movements at the Telegraph here.

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