Post BUILD, new usage numbers leak regarding Windows 10, Microsoft Launcher and Edge Mobile

Microsoft’s BUILD conference is all about developers, and they rightfully want to know the size of their addressable market.

We have already seen some Windows 10 installed base numbers come from a BUILD session, which was later confirmed to be a mere typo, but now reports seeing a document which delivers more than a bit of data.

According to the document, there are now 825 million Windows 10 user (up from 800 million in March 2019).  In addition, Swiftkey has 159 million users, Microsoft Edge 4.5 million users and Microsoft Launcher 4 million users.

The document also reveals some Microsoft gossip.

Thurrott reveals Microsoft has promoted Eran Megiddo to corporate vice president of Windows and Education. Megiddo would focus on Windows client direction and strategy and will report to Joe Belfiore, who leads Microsoft’s Essential Products (“EPIC” internally) team.

EPIC is part of the Microsoft 365 organization and is responsible for Windows 10 apps, Microsoft Edge, OneNote, and Android and iOS mobile experiences (Microsoft Launcher, Microsoft Edge, OneNote, Microsoft To-Do, Microsoft News, and more), Microsoft’s education efforts and its partnerships with third-party developers who create Windows and Microsoft 365 apps. Microsoft is reportedly also working on a new Microsoft Family app.

The aim of the EPIC team is “create clarity around Microsoft’s strategy for Windows, better manage cross-devices experiences between Windows and mobile, and continue pushing Windows in education.

With 2.5 billion Android users, the penetration of Microsoft’s mobile apps are unimpressive, but as essentially a hobby and the elements of a complete ecosystem of apps they are probably doing relatively well.

What do our readers think of the numbers (which should probably be taken with a pinch of salt)? Let us know below.

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