Popular Edge rumour turns out to be false

by Surur
May 12, 2017

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At Build 2017 we heard of some significant and welcome improvements coming to the Edge browser with the Fall Creators Update, but at the event, Microsoft also confirmed that the most important anticipated feature was not coming to the browser.

According to Neowin, who had earlier said the browser shell would be decoupled from the twice-yearly Windows 10 feature update, Microsoft categorically denied the rumour, saying they had “no plans for [unbundling] right now.”

Unbundling the browser shell from the twice-yearly OS update and delivering updates via the Windows Store would have allowed Microsoft to roll out new features and user interface improvements much faster, which would have helped improve the competitive standing of Edge, which has a low single digit market share.

The unnamed Microsoft Edge team member did deliver one ray of hope for Edge fans, saying “never say never…”

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