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Popcorn Time is a free streaming service that will instantly let you watch the latest movies and TV shows with ease. It has been described as a serious competitor to Netflix, by Netlix.

The service streams movies via torrents and Popcorn Time states that the “service will never be taken down” and that it includes a free built-in VPN to protect user identity.

According to a recent blog post, the Popcorn Time app (which is currently available for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and Linux devices) will be coming to Windows Phone “soon”. Soon might mean within a few weeks for Windows Phone 8 or it could possibly come as a universal app with Windows 10. Either way, I am very excited to welcome the app to Windows Phone.

The site also includes the following WARNING: “Downloading copyrighted material may be illegal in your country. Use at your own risk.”

With that being said, feel free to download Popcorn Time for a currently supported device here.

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