Pokemon Sword and Shield features giant Pokemon, roaming creatures, raid battles and more.


5, 2019

Pokemon Sword and Shield just got a huge fifteen minute Nintendo Direct full of new details about the upcoming game.

While at the start it appears like a broader, larger-scoped traditional Pokemon game, this trailer has shown us some of the new creative additions.

Wild Pokemon now wander the world just like in the anime! While we didn’t see a herd of Bulbasaur like in the recent Detective Pikachu movie, we did see a Milotic just hanging out in the water – very cool!

Wild Pokemon can be found in the new “Wild Area”, a wide expanse that can be found between cities. Also, in the Wild Area, you can control the camera! Oh, my God!

Multiplayer is now a more than simply trading and PvP in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This new trailer revealed Pokemon’s interpretation of Raid bosses which see groups of friends battle one gigantic Pokemon. In this trailer, we get to see a gigantic Gyarados! He’s terrifying!

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Of course, you can also make your own Pokemon stretch their bodies to ten times their size through a new mechanic called Dynamax. By using Dynamax, your Pokemon will become huge and gain access to more powerful versions of moves.

It wouldn’t be a Pokemon game without new Pokemon, and this new video shows quite a few. Our favourite is Wooloo, an adorable sheep, and that’s not just because I’m Welsh.

Also shown off in the trailer were actual Stadium fights! Pokemon battles in the Gala region is a huge focus of the country’s entertainment so landmark fights occur in stadiums with a huge crowd!

Oh, and the game’s legendaries are essentially big woofers: Zacian and Zamazenta.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches November 15th on Nintendo Switch.

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