Pokémon GO is set to have a seven-hour long global downtime later today – or tomorrow, depending on your timezone – meaning players won’t be able to catch anything at all for a short while.

Downtime starts at 11am PDT and ends at 6pm PDT. For those who live outside of the PDT timezone, we’ve provided some other time zones below.

  • BST: 7pm until 2am
  • CEST: 8pm until 3am
  • EDT: 2pm until 9pm
  • JST: 3am until 10am on June 2nd
  • AEST: 4am until 11am on June 2nd

If your time zone isn’t listed, you can use a time zone converter by following the link here.

Niantic hasn’t provided a specific reason for the downtime, simply stating when the app will be taken offline and apologising for the inconvenience.

Pokémon GO should be back online and functioning normally after the end time stated but, if you run into any errors, we recommend that you just keep checking in on the official Pokémon GO Twitter account to see if any issues have been identified and reported.