Plus Now Available for Windows Phone!



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Plus is a calculator designed to make life easier by allowing you to go back and edit numbers you have already typed into it. Plus reduces a lot of unnecessary clutter and delivers a clean experience designed for everybody. Have you ever been adding a string of numbers, only to realize you typed one of the numbers in wrong, and then had to enter all the numbers in again? Plus saves you from this with easy tools to quickly edit everything you have typed into your calculator. It also saves a history of past sequences you have typed in, and includes two different keypad layouts optimized for different users’ preferences.

Plus is available on the marketplace now for $0.99, with the option of a 15-day free trial. If you’ve ever accidentally typed something into your calculator incorrectly, or if you’ve ever needed to remember a bunch of numbers while you were using your calculator, then Plus could be your next calculator. You can find Plus on the marketplace here, or scan the QR code below.

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