You can now stream PS5 games, but not VR2 titles

October 17, 2023

Want to stream PS5 games? Well, we may have some good news for you.

Sony has announced that PlayStation Plus Premium members can now stream PS5 games on their PS5 consoles. Starting today, this feature is currently only available in Japan, but it will be launching in Europe on October 23 and North America on October 30.

“Titles from the PlayStation Plus Game and Classic catalog that can be installed on your PS5 will be compatible with the PlayStation Portal remote player. However, the PlayStation Portal remote player will not support cloud streaming of these titles,” says Sony’s senior director Sid Shuman. 

Sony recommends a minimum internet speed of 5mbps for streaming PS5 games, but for the best 4K experience, it recommends a speed of 38mbps or higher.

PS5 games can be streamed in up to 4K resolution at 60Hz, with support for HDR. DLC and add-ons are also available for streaming PS5 games although it doesn’t support VR2 games. 

Your game progress will be automatically saved to cloud storage, so you can switch seamlessly between local and streaming gameplay, and between multiple devices.

If you decide to purchase a PS5 game that you have been streaming, you can also keep any Trophies or progress that you have earned.

Elsewhere in the cloud gaming world, Netflix seems to take on Xbox Cloud Gaming by bringing its Games to TVs


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