With a low bar set by Xbox’s Games with Gold offering for May, PlayStation has absolutely trounced Xbox with some great games on offer. 

Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last | PS5

From the creators of FlatOut, Wreckfest is a full-contact racer that’s a destruction derby waiting to happen. With amazingly detailed destruction where cars can be shredded into oblivion, it can be a challenge to make it to the finish line in one piece if your opponents get particularly rowdy. With plenty of vehicles to drive including a combine harvester and a lawnmower, Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last is a great silly time. 

Battlefield V | PS4

As the first of two PlayStation 4 offerings, Battlefield V takes players to World War 2, with little in the way of a campaign but a lot of multiplayer action. With Grand Operations across colossal maps, Combined arms and a slew of other classic Battlefield modes, Battlefield V brings the series’ iconic grand-scale action to the trenches and streets of the second world war. 

Stranded Deep | PS4

In Stranded Deep, you’re stranded in the colossal expanse of the Pacific Ocean, after a mysterious plane crash. It’s up to you to survive and explore the ocean, though actually surviving is never all too hard in this kind of game, instead, it’s usually more about getting one back on nature by building the biggest base that’s humanly possible.