PlayStation has accidentally leaked PlayStation Plus games for August

July 26, 2021
PlayStation Plus Leak

PlayStation appears to have inadvertently revealed the games in August’s PlayStation Plus offering ahead of schedule thanks to a slip up on the PlayStation website. 

The offending section of the website has since been removed, and instead reverted to properly displaying the current month’s PlayStation Plus games instead, however that hasn’t stopped people grabbing the information before it could be deleted. 

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Available on the PS4 for PlayStation Plus subscribers in August, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is a third-person shooter, which as you might expect from the title, is set in the Plants vs. Zombies universe. 

With a vast roster of both plants and zombies to play as, there’s a surprisingly large amount of content in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, including six multiplayer modes and plenty of maps to enjoy in the game’s 4v4 action. 

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Tennis World Tour 2

This August, PlayStation Plus will also allow PlayStation 4 users to enjoy Tennis World Tour 2. In Big Ant Studio’s latest tennis game you’re able to play as the world’s top players on multiple surfaces, and even in multiple game modes as you strive to dominate the world’s tennis championships. 

With plenty to manage on your career path to tennis stardom, from your staff and equipment to your sponsors, so there’s plenty for tennis fans to enjoy on top of singles and doubles modes, as well as casual and ranked play options. 

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Hunter’s Arena: Legends

Despite what has previously been advertised back earlier in July, Hunter’s Arena: Legends is going to only be available for the PlayStation 5, according to the website post, which contradicts the previous blog post that stated it’d be available for both PS4 and PS5. 

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a 30-player battle royale, which has been available on Steam for some time, in which rather than sniping for bushes, you’re getting up close and personal to take down your opponents with frantic melee combat in both swordplay and martial arts. 

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With quite a meagre month of offerings this time around for PlayStation Plus members, it’s lucky that there’s also the PlayStation Plus Collection available at all times, including God of War, The Last Guardian, and Persona 5.

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