PixAI.art Review - Is It Worth Trying Out?

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PixAI.art review

Looking for an honest PixAI.art review? As an anime fan, I’ve always wanted to draw my own characters but lacked the talent to create something I liked. However, I’ve been trying some AI tools like PixAI.art and I think I might be able to pull it off now!

Below, I’ll explain how this service works, its main features, and whether it’s worth trying out. Keep reading to learn how to make anime characters with AI.

What Is PixAI.art?

PixAI.art is an AI-powered image generator app for Android and iOS. It allows you to create digital art, primarily focused on anime-style characters, realistic portraits, and wallpapers.

While anyone can use it, it mostly targets anime and manga enthusiasts, content creators, and digital hobbyists. So, this PixAI.art review will help you stay informed of its features.


While there are several competitors, PixAI.art stands out with a few features. Below are some of them:

Text-to-Image Generation

PixAI’s text-to-image feature
PixAI’s text-to-image feature 2

If, like me, you’re not talented enough to draw your own characters but can envision them in your mind, PixAI.art is the right platform for you.

It translates your detailed textual descriptions into stunning visuals. Describe the character you envision, the scene you desire, or the mood you wish to evoke, and watch your words transform into captivating artwork. Its text-to-image feature is more accurate than I expected although it’s not as good as larger AI models like Midjourney.

Diverse Anime Art Styles

PixAI offers a curated collection of AI models with distinct artistic approaches. Whether you dream of bringing anime characters to life or venturing into fantastical realms, there’s a model suited to your creative desires. 

You can switch seamlessly between models to experiment and achieve your desired aesthetic. However, these are mostly anime-related art styles. Therefore, if you’d like to explore a wider variety, you can try platforms like NightCafe.

Diverse animation styles

Limitless Customization

For anime enthusiasts and character creators, PixAI offers a dedicated engine. You can craft unique characters with ease, selecting features like hair, eyes, clothing, and poses. 

Delve deeper by defining specific characteristics for each element, including colors, styles, and accessories. The engine even preserves your preferences across generations, ensuring your character maintains a consistent and distinct identity.

Diverse Editing Tools

The generated artwork serves as a starting point, not the final destination. PixAI equips you with a suite of customization tools.

You can adjust the composition, refine colors, add intricate details, or play with lighting effects to ensure your creation aligns perfectly with your artistic vision.

LoRA Training

If you’re seeking to push boundaries, PixAI offers a few interesting advanced features. You can train AI models on specific reference images and keywords with LoRA.

It also allows you to enhance existing images or upscale their resolution. You can generate multiple interpretations of the same prompt with Variation Generation.

PixAI makes training AI more accessible. In comparison, Runwayml requires you to be an experienced programmer to train its AI.

LoRA training

How To Use PixAI.art

PixAI has so many features and tools that it would be impossible to cover them in this short review. However, I’ll give you the steps you need to make your first simple character. I used Android but it’s the same for iOS.

  • First, I recommend creating an account on PixAI’s website. This will give you 30,000 free credits. Go to PixAI’s site and click on Sign Up.
Go to PixAI’s site and click on Sign Up.
  • Use your Google, X (formerly Twitter,) or Discord account to sign up.
Use your Google, X (formerly Twitter,) or Discord account to sign up.
  • Once your account is set up, click on download from Playstore or AppStore.
Once your account is set up, click on download from Playstore
  • Install it on your device and open it.
Install it on your device and open it.
  • On the homepage, tap on Model.
On the homepage, tap on Model.
  • Look for models with names that don’t have “real” in them, like Dreamboat, Moonbeam, or Anime Style. These are optimized for creating anime art.
PixAI.art Review: Look for models with names that don't have "real" in them
  • Tap on Use this model.
Tap on Use this model.
  • Craft your text prompt. Be specific and use keywords for appearance, personality, pose, and setting.
Craft your text prompt
  • Tap on Generate. PixAI will take a minute or two to create an image based on your prompt. If you’re unhappy with the results, you can tap on Re-generate or go back to tweak your prompt.
Tap on Generate
  • Once you’re satisfied with your character, you can tap on Animate if you want an animated character. Configure the animation and tap on Generate.
Configure the animation and tap on Generate
  • Tap on the download icon to save your character.
Tap on the download icon to save your character.


Before I conclude this PixAI review, I must talk about its price. PixAI.art doesn’t have paid plans. Instead, it uses credits.

When you sign up using the website like I did above, you get 30,000 one-time free credits and 10,000 daily free credits. These are enough to generate 10 characters every day.

However, if you need to generate or animate more characters, you can buy 300,000 credits for $10.

PixAI.art ReviewVerdict

PixAI.art is an excellent platform to play around with if you enjoy creating anime characters. The free daily credits also mean that you don’t have to pay if you don’t use it intensively.

However, if you’re a professional artist looking for a robust platform to create realistic characters, you should try more established AI generators like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney. I believe this PixAI.art review has provided enough insights on how to use it and its helpful features.

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