Pinned shared libraries coming to OneDrive for Business

by Surur
November 29, 2021

Microsoft is adding a useful feature to OneDrive for Business.

Users will soon be able to pin shared libraries to their new Quick Access sidebar, as can be seen in the screenshot below:

Microsoft writes:

“Improved ways to manage the list of places you’ve recently accessed or opened a file from. You can pin these places so you can easily and predictably get back to what you’ve been working on.”

The feature is coming to the OneDrive web client and should hit general availability in December 2021.

Microsoft is also working on another file management feature, where users will be able to organize their Add to OneDrive shortcuts in their own private folders.

Microsoft writes:

Now you can organize your ‘Add to OneDrive’ folder shortcuts the way you want by moving them into any private folder you create in your OneDrive.

This is also expected to become available in December.

via onMSFT

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