Microsoft to push web apps even harder with new Pin to Taskbar Edge Wizard


12, 2019

Microsoft, who suffers from a persistent app gap, has long set its hope on web apps and their better version, progressive web apps (PWAs).

I think it is safe to say the majority of us prefer our websites to live in their browser tabs, however, and not pretend to be apps on our PC.

Microsoft is trying a new way to convince us to pin our favourite websites to the taskbar. A new Wizard, discovered by Leo Varela on Reddit,  which currently live in Tools > More Tools > Pin to Start Wizard will make it easier for users to pin their most-used web apps to their taskbar.

pin to taskbar

The wizard automatically generates a selection of suggested sites to pin.

pin to taskbar

After that, it is merely a question of clicking the ones you prefer, at which point they are automatically pinned.

pin to taskbar

Microsoft is also working on a feature which makes it easier to share a website with your phone via QRCode.

The features are currently in both the Canary and Dev versions of the new Edge, but are part of a controlled feature rollout. They can not currently be activated by flag, but this may become available in the future.

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