Picture of Nokia Champagne leaked?


MSNerd has posted a picture which he labelled “two turkeys” alluding to what Google’s Vic Gondotra called the Microsoft/Nokia venture.

The device has the trademark curved screen as seen on the Nokia Lumia 800 (but not the Nokia Lumia 900) but has a narrower margin than the Lumia 800 and appears to be champagne coloured, which brings to mind the Nokia Champagne code name leaked last year via the “I’m a WP7” app.  Then it was running the latest build of Windows Phone 7.10.8711 which is assumed to be a Tango build.

Or of course it could be a very polished bar of soap 😉



It is probably the Nokia Booklet 3G laptop from some years ago. (Via MyNokiaBlog)

Via Professeur thibault.fr