More details of the cancelled Microsoft Band 3 come to light


After the disbanding of the Microsoft Band team and the subsequent cancellation of the Microsoft Band 3, images of the Band 3 eventually surfaced on the web, showing a new and improved Microsoft Band.

After that initial leak, more images have come to light courtesy of Windows Central,. Aside from those images, we also have a bit more information about the Band 3 itself, with additional functionality that Microsoft would have enabled for Band users.

The “Microsoft Band 3” (apparently internally referred to as the Microsoft Band 2 Beta) would have had more features than the Band 2 beyond a slimmer profile and more comfortable design. The Band 3 would have supported an EKG sensor for sensing your blood pressure, heart rate, as well as stress levels as more.

The device would also have incorporated a new swimming tile which would have tracked swimming “laps, pacing , heart rate and time [spent while swimming.] ”

There’s not much more concrete information about the device – aside from its likely cancellation and the failure of the Band team to port Windows 10 over to it.

Earlier this year, we spotted Panos Panay wearing a white Microsoft Band on stage, it turns out that that White Band 2, was actually a very early prototype of the Band 3 before its demise.

The Microsoft Band may have been a cool device from Microsoft on its inception, but it seems the company is done dabbling in smartband hardware for now.

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