Photosynth for Windows Phone Microsoft’s “top priority”

A photosynth made on the iPhone.

We have been rather unhappy that photosynth, Microsoft’s panorama utility, came to iPhone before it came to Windows phone 7.

To Monsmartphone David Gedey, the Photosynth Group Program Manager, said that bringing the app to Windows Phone 7 was their top priority.

He wrote:

Yes – we’re working on a version for Windows 7 Phone now. You can definitely communicate this info to your members.
We cant make any commitment about ship date though, except to say that it is our top priority.


David Gedye
Photosynth Group Program Manager

In case anyone thought this meant the next few weeks David clarified in a follow-up email that we would have to wait for Mango, and also that the app was not coming to Android.

The answer  is simple. Windows Phone 1.0 didn’t have the video mode API’s to allow us to provide the capture experience that everyone loves about our app. Neither did Android. Only iOS did at the time and we (correctly I think) judged that a great capture experience was essential to lots of usage.

Mango appears to have the right APIs.  We are working with them now.

Another reason to look forward to Mango’s release then.