Photon Network Engine Updated With Windows Phone Mango Support

Exit game today announced the availability of Photon Network Engine v3.0 with support for Windows Phone Mango client libraries. Along with Windows Phone support this new release has several new features,

• Load Balancing Power-Up: Scale games across multiple server nodes;
• Photon Unity Networking: Combine the ease-of-use of Unity Networking with the performance and reliability of Photon;
• Server-2-Server Interface: Send operations, responses and events directly between servers;
• HTML5 and Windows Phone 7.1 Client Libraries: Develop apps for these great platforms;
• Plus: Custom serialization methods, event caching, improved exception handling, custom data types and loads of improvements “under the hood”.

Photon Network Engine allows developers to implement realtime network features such as MMOGs, FPS or any other multiplayer game and application for PC, Mac, Browser, Mobile, Console and Cross-Platform.

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