Phone Insider app updated in preparation for Windows 10 but there’s a catch

January 29, 2015

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The Windows 10 preview app, Phone Insider has just been renamed to match its Windows counterpart. Now the app allows you to login with both your Microsoft account as opposed to only the domain account. The good news here is that Microsoft is still on track to deliver the first Windows 10 for Phones build after next week. We should warn here that this is very different from the preview for developers program which offers RTM builds early. This offers preview builds which may interfere with the ability of your phone to function normally and you should make sure you have backed up before you try it.



The bad news is that not all Windows Phones which will make the cut, at least for this initial update. The app has a system requirements page in it which indicates that there are some limits based on either hardware or software.


However, as it is only accessible through Windows Phone 8.1 it seems to be incredibly likely to be based on hardware requirements. We’ll find out more when Microsoft releases the Preview for Windows 10 next month.

Get Windows Insider for Windows Phone here.


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