Phil Spencer reportedly still wants xCloud on other consoles

In an email acquired as part of the ongoing Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit, it looks like Phil Spencer’s plans to get xCloud on other consoles aren’t dead yet. 

The email, from August of last year to Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, which was picked up by video games industry analyst Benji Sales, shows a number of plans in the works at the time, such as recently introduced “F2P outside of Gold.”

“I did want to just let you know that I have your point on xCloud on other consoles (haven’t given up),” Spencer writes in this email, presumably replying to an unseen email or chain where Sweeney brought up the idea. 

A lot of time has passed since August of 2020, but it’s possible that these plans for xCloud on other consoles might still be in the pipeline if a long way off yet. From this email, there’s no real telling just how developed these plans might be, potentially being little more than wishful thinking.

Despite this friendly email, Epic Games has been the one holding Fortnite back from being available on Xbox Cloud Gaming for the time being, as was revealed as part of depositions into the Epic Games vs Apple Case.

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