The Game Awards finished with a fantastic finale last night as it was revealed that Joker from Persona 5 would be joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the 76th fighter in the lineup.

Persona 5 is a 2016 role-playing game developed by Atlus and released exclusively for PlayStation. The game follows the protagonist as he tries to balance being a law-abiding citizen after an incident which forced him to transfer across the country and being the leader of the Phantom Thieves, a secret vigilante group who ‘steal hearts’ to force people to realize the error of their ways.

While the reveal at the Game Awards didn’t divulge any information about Joker’s play style or any gameplay, the reveal was accompanied by a trailer featuring some of Joker’s fellow Phantom Thieves including Morgana, Ryuji, Ann, and Yusuke and, of course, Joker’s Persona Arsene.

You’ll be able to purchase Joker on his own, but he’ll also be available as part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s first Challenge Pack and also in the Fighter Pass, the latter of which retails at $24.99. The pass consists of five different bundles, with each bundle containing a different fighter, stage, and music.

There’s no set date for Joker and the first DLC pack’s release yet, but they’re expected sometime in early 2019.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now.

Source: YouTube.