PencilBox – free simple drawing app to entertain the kids (or yourself)


24, 2008



PencilBox is an extremely light and simple drawing tool for your Pocket PC. It does not have tons of features, however it allows one to create nice pictures, quickly and easily. Pencil Box consist of only necessary things: eight pencils, eraser and canvas to draw on.

There is only ever one canvas, and the picture is stored in pencilbox.bmp, which can be copies and saved as needed.

As can be seen above, the results only depend on the skill of the artist, but the software is simple enough to keep a 4 year old occupied (if you trust them with your $500 smartphone that is 😉 )

There is a pay version for $11.99 which is a bit fuller featured, such as multiple canvasses, an exit password (to protect your data from the kiddies) and other features, called PencilBox Deluxe, available here.

However if all you need is a single page, download the software from here.

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