Path mobile social networking app coming to Windows Phone 7!

imagePath is a phenomenon on the iPhone, being a social network which only works via iPhone or Android apps and which allows you to have only a maximum of 50 friends, thereby forcing you to limit yourself to your intimate friends, rather than hundreds of mere acquaintances.

Path has more than 2 million users and is expanding all over the world.

Part of this expansion seems to be exploring other platforms, and Path founder Dave Morin revealed at the March PandoMonthly event in San Francisco that his company is working on a Windows Phone app.

(Update: We’ve gone over the whole webcast ourselves and found some more interesting quotes from Dave Morin.)

The Next Web notes him as saying:

While Path says that it is get the service on “as many devices as possible” there are no plans to develop for BlackBerry, which is popular in Asia and other developing markets. The company is, however, working on a Windows Phone app, and Morin described the Microsoft operating system as “impressive”, but iOS accounts for 80 percent of its focus, he said.

As Windows Phone grows its market share from miniscule to just small, and firmly establishes itself as the third mobile ecosystem, we should see more and more apps coming to the platform just so companies can cover all their bases, and hopefully once Windows Phone reaches a significant market share and Microsoft makes the OS even easier to program for, by allowing native code for example, including Windows Phone may simply be a no-brainer.

Thanks Alessandro for the tip.