Parasite Eve is one of the lesser known survival-horror titles that came out of the PSOne era, but could it be coming back?

Last week, Square Enix filed a trademark for the license in Europe for use in “computer game software”. While this could mean nothing and just that the company wishes to keep hold of the trademark, the recent resurgence of survival-horror games could bring us something more.

Parasite Eve is being re-released on the upcoming PlayStation Classic, but not in Europe or the USA. Either we might see a port of the original PlayStation version to modern consoles, a full-on remake, a sequel, or (most probably) nothing at all. Exciting times!

Based off a famous Japanese book series, Parasite Eve has only seen three games. Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve II and then the PSP game The Third Birthday. It’s been eight years since we’ve seen a game in the series.

Source: Bloody Disgusting