MacOS virtualization app Parallels have confirmed that they are working on porting Windows 11 to macOS.

The company, which has only recently brought Windows 10 on ARM to the Apple M1 Macbook, has told iMore that they are doing “everything that’s possible” to bring Windows 11 to macOS.

“Since Windows 11 has just been announced recently, the Parallels Engineering team is waiting for the official Windows 11 Insider Preview build to start studying changes introduced in the new OS to deliver full compatibility in future Parallels Desktop updates,” said Nick Dobrovolskiy, SVP of Engineering and Support.

Interestingly MacBooks generally do not come with TPM 2.0 chips, with Apple of course offering its own Secure Enclave, but Microsoft has already said that they are waiving that requirement for virtual machines.

With Bootcamp no longer supported by Apple, the only way to run another OS on Macbook is via virtualization, suggesting Parralel’s 7 million MacBook users are likely to expand significantly in number in the future.

via 9to5mac