Palm Treo Pro for Sprint date rumoured



We are already pretty sure that the Palm Treo Pro will be showing up on Sprint, and now the BGR has announced a presumed date for its arrival.

They have been tipped that the sleek smartphone will be arriving around the 11th January 2009, which is less than 2 months away. How Palm Treo 800w users feel, who bought their smartphone less than 4 months ago, and will see their smartphone superseded in less than 6 months by a slimmer, more attractive device with better battery life remains in question, but I guess “not good” would encapsulate the majority.

In related news, Palm’s stock price has for the first time dropped below $2. Having no-one buy their Treo 800w this Christmas on the strength of this rumour will not be helping it recover any time soon.

Read more at BGR here.

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